Ethernet SMS – Send messages over LAN

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Ethernet SMS feature provided by ePack allows users to send SMSs using the routers SIM card.

Feature has to be enabled from the web interface in Services > SMS > Ethernet SMS tab:

You need to click Save & Apply at the bottom of the page after enabling it.

AT#SENDSMS – Send SMS over Ethernet

From your computer, you can set up a TCP connection against your router using an application such as telnet:

telnet 5555

Once it has connected, you will see following text from the router:

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

At this point, you may enter the AT#SENDSMS command to send your SMS:

AT#SENDSMS="+34619052***"This is a test from Ethernet SMS on E220

It is needed to hit Ctrl+D to end the message and force it to be sent.

After the message is successfully sent, the connection will be closed by the router:

Connection closed by foreign host.

A few seconds later, the SMS will be delivered to the recipient:

AT#READSMS – Check for incoming SMS

In a similar way, it is also possible check the SMSs received by the router. Once you have opened the TCP connection with it, you can just issue following command to check all your messages:


And the router will list all available entries:

#1,17/10/17,09:02:10+08,+34619052***,SMS received correctly!

AT#DELSMS – Delete unwanted messages

Cleaning up unwanted messages it is important to not flood the SIM card with incoming messages. You can do so with the following command:

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